In this process I am borrowing on the Buddhist and Taoist idea of a middle road and this means balance. Balance in our thoughts and feelings and with our actions. This process can be very useful when planning a honest and realistic outcome or when facing challenging or difficult times such as when in the process of stopping some problem behaviour. Equally useful and very relevant to moving on from an unforgiving past. We are changing thresholds.

The terms threshold is very simple to understand. Threshold means at some predetermined state ( a value or position ) something happens or doesn’t happen. It’s easy to understand this in terms of the heating system in your home. Usually some temperature is set, say 14 degrees, where the heating comes on if the temperature is below the set point, here 14 degrees and switches off above 14 degrees. So in this instance sustaining a certain temperature.

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Another example, staying with temperature, is when water temperature reaches 0 degrees ice begins to form. 100 degrees and water evaporates. These are state changes caused by temperature, cold and hot.

Thresholding processes are found in NLP specifically in this instance the two that are ‘designed’ to either make something so pleasurable  or horrible that through association it ‘blows out’ its appeal or revulsion. Another one makes something so awful that it becomes awful for ever. Neurologically these two approaches are working with the pleasure ( to burn out ) and pain ( to burn in ) neural circuitry.

Open-ended and general we will use hypnotherapy to guide our clients in resetting thresholds to re-experience thoughts, feelings and actions then using the power of ‘maybe’ form a more honest integration as a middle, more balanced path, which can help heal and ease the past or modulate and centre our futures.

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

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Wednesday February 4th

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