Its the first Trance Cafe of 2016 and so wishing you a belated happy New Year with lots of wonderful experiences to come.

For the February practice evening I want to explore some behavioural patterns that we have learned and seem to likely play out unconsciously. Sometimes, most times, our unconscious behaviour serves us really well, occasionally it doesn’t.

If our thoughts and behaviours are largely unconscious, how can we review and update what we perceive as problematic ‘responses’ in a certain context? This will include some explorations of ‘patterns’, how we can incorporate new learnings and ‘utilising’ these patterns to incorporate useful differences in new ways.

Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Group

All this will naturally include practising aspects of hypnosis, inductions and change process with a sprinkling of neurology and psychology. Perhaps!

“Remember, the first step in avoiding a trap is knowing one has been set” – Thufir Hawat



Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 24 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Wednesday February 3rd

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment.

The Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at

St Oswalds, Coleman Education Centre, Regent Avenue, Regent Centre, Gosforth. NE3 1EE

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 book online now!