Communicating Excellence has and will always take your privacy seriously. The data you share in emails will not be shared with third parties without your written consent. This is the GDPR compliance explaining how and why any personal data you supply is used and your rights regarding any personal data you supply.

Collection of your personal data

In direct email correspondence from you, relative to inquiries about coaching, therapy, training courses or general inquiries, the email is securely stored.

If you use the email request form to join the mailing list, which is for subject relative information and course information, a third party application for the newsletter is used to manage your email address and name. This has been and always will be an ‘OPT-IN’ requirement which you control.

How your personal date is collected

Via direct and subsequent email correspondence from yourself.

Using the ‘OPT-IN’ form for newsletters and trailing courses.

Cookies via 3rd party applications which communicating excellence have no control over. Cookies are to make your website experience better. You can opt in or out at your website visit.

How and why your personal data is used

To return email inquiries and offer legitimate interest email communication regarding your inquiry.

To send you your ‘OPT-IN’ newsletter.

Your personal information retention time

Email communications are stored. They may be necessary references for any future communications.

Newsletter ‘OPT-IN’ data ( name and email ) are stored until you OPT-OUT or request to OPT-OUT in which case they are deleted permanently.

Your personal data security

Personal direct email correspondence is stored on a private terminal. Newsletter information is stored and managed with 3rd party applications.

Your rights with regard to your personal data

You have the rights to update, request copies of your personal communications and have any personal data you have supplied pursuant to legal requirements.

How to make requests regarding changes, updates and removal of your personal data