Parts and Wholes in Therapy and Coaching at Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group Online

You a probably familiar with the practice or the concept of Parts Work in therapy. From the ‘id-ego-superego’, ‘parent-adult-child’ – models to the part that is responsible for ‘over eating’, low self esteem’, ‘the saboteur’, ‘the creative part’ etcetera.

This is just one way of looking through, not with, the lens of Parts and Wholes. Another way is exploring the relationship, the bridge connecting your client and you. Something completely different.

Here we explore a dynamic relationship and specifically utilisation of the spontaneous kind. The kind of difference that makes a difference. Hope to see you here and there Online with Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group on the 6th July.

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

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