Orgiastic Enthusiasm is one way to describe a way of being happier and more content more of the time as in living more spontaneously. Your conditioning, your unconscious responses and your environment are all contributing aspects to your expectations of how life is panning out for you. Have you ever really wondered how much your own ‘personal myth’ contributes to your life experiences?

At a crucial point in his life, Carl Jung asked himself a question. “What myth am I living?”

Orgiastic enthusiasm - Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group

Right now there is an epidemic of seriously poor mental health. One in four people in the UK and USA have a current diagnosable mental health problem. There are astonishingly high proportion of people in the UK and USA taking anti-depressants. Why is the first port of call prescription drugs for what can be called normal moods? Could this be a dying off of the old myths and a slow awakening to the flickering possibility of a much needed new myth? Think American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

I hope to put your mind at ease and define the introductory words in their original context. Orgy in essence means Sacrament and Enthuse means to have divinity inside you, to be divinity. These are important ideas in one, a relationship to your own myth or, two, you are your own living myth. This is one of the profound differences between monotheistic and polytheistic religions.

Joseph Campbell has defined four functions of myth which are required for the myth to be functioning ‘correctly’ at the level of the individual, culturally, cosmologically and mystically. To be sure these are massively inherited yet can be updated or sublimated inside you so as to offer the potentiality to go beyond the pairs of opposites of dualistic experience and become, or at least connect with your true birth right and all the response-ability or not that comes.

All that is offered here are stories, ideas and some exercises that could be a seed source of personal transformation and shatter the Promethean chains of inherited, conditioned rights and wrongs. The same transformations can and are described in many different ways such as the process of individuation ( Jung), evolving self ( Kegan ), enlightenment ( buddhism ), moksha ( hinduism) and satori ( zen ). Hope to see you here on 18th at 7pm.


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Wednesday September 18th

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