Newcastle NLP Practice Group for Saturday 1st September has four pre arranged topics for exploration that have the potentials to make life a little easier and a lot more connected to your own values. The topics at the NLP Practice Group Newcastle are : Thought Provoking Philosophizing, Self Sabotage, Via Negativa and a proposed synthesis of the previous three topics.

A main theme for this coming weekend is ‘models’; their use of, rejection of and understanding of what is highlighted and hidden when we are thinking and ‘trying’ to squeeze experience into a model; as well as the kind of biases and blindness that can come from believing any model is real. The earth moves and no lever, no matter how long will let you move it but you can fly a kite tied to your head!

Newcastle NLP Practice Group - Models


Thought Provoking Philosophizing

An exploration into the work and some of the methods of Phil Jeremiah IV’s Humour Worx way of playfully challenging, with the use of irrelevance, concussion and discussion, stale stories and old beliefs that are holding you back. Newcastle NLP Practice Group is hosting Phil again this coming October for a full weekend of the serious use of humour in change work.

We will practice several patterns and most importantly explore the framing that sets up, validates and justifies, irrelevance, provocation and compassionate discussion. Creating a safe space ‘bubble’ where the rules of traditional change work are left in their stately homes where the rules apply. This is something else.

Self Sabotage

There is a wonderful story that I get from Green Wing about the origins of the word Sabotage. In short its about disgruntled workers who took their shoes off and chucked them into the machines that were taking their jobs during the industrial revolution. Who says history has nothing to teach us!

In a recent post I explored some themes regarding ‘self-sabotage’ and one of the reciprocate ideas that was offered was something like ‘fear of success’. I believe this is absolute nonsense at the initial level of causation basically because there is no cause. The added second order effects or meanings of new responsibilities I highly support. Fear in the initial sense is of success or failure is no-thing, it;s what it means.

What if any of the ‘self sabotage’ stuff is just and I mean just in at least two senses, is your inner wisdom telling you that no matter what, stuff is OK the way it is, for now. Imagine that! How easy could that make your life that you obviously don’t want to be easy. There maybe addressing and going beyond some paradox in this exploration.

Via Negativa

Massively inspired by a whole chapter, and theme in Incerto, the book Anti-Fragile ( Nassim Nicholas Taleb ) of a kind of reductionism.  We know about what is not working. It’s very simple, too simple! Less is more.

There are way to many ‘tings’ in our life that are, to put it simply, are shit or shite, depending on how you say this. For really negative consequences, such as falling of a ladder I prefer that utterance of the word ‘shit’. Its that word that we all utter when everything goes funny shaped. Know what mean? I think so.

I want to explore, something I have done and done well in the last two years of removing, mostly by not doing and often by ignoring something I was expected to respond to.  Taking the crap out of your life is IMO wonderful, it’s often effortful and sometimes painful. It’s the stuff you know in you soul and like Alanis Morissette says ‘you oughta know‘, this is the acknowledge it and do something about it, which is often about subtraction and making your life easier.

Practice & Topics Decided on the Day

You may also wish to practice all kinds of NLP and Hypnotherapy at the Newcastle NLP Practice Group so there is plenty of time set aside to do just that. Well I hope to be seeing you Saturday 1st September for an excellent value ( only £20 for the day ) days practice, connection and fun.

So Newcastle NLP Practice Group is September 1st, a Saturday all day. Hope to see you there to come explore, play and do good in life.

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre


Saturday 1st September

9.30am to 17.30pm

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