A long term favourite and particularly effective hypnotic induction and deeper is the Elman style hypnosis induction. It is a rather rapid technique at inducing trance in most people and it is  very easy to learn. The Elman style induction combines tactile experience with repeated suggestion and deepening techniques.

More often learning one or more techniques to introduce trance usually moves to an important question for the hypnotist. The question being “Once someone is in trance what to do next?” This great question can be translated into how do you go about helping someone change?

This month at the Trance Cafe you will learn how to facilitate client change. So as well as learning the Elman style induction we also get to learn and use ‘The Room of Change’. The Room of Change is both a guided and emergent change metaphor to use with your clients and friends to do almost content free change work.

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 24 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Coleman Education Centre, Regent Centre, Gosforth.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 book online now!