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The March event for the Trance Cafe is Clean Therapy ™.

This is the current evolution and culmination of my own experience, practice and successful application of content free therapeutic process of the previous six years.

The initial groundings were from ‘Clean Language‘ the modelled work of the late David Groves from Penny Thompson and James Lawler.

My association and work with John Grinder opened up, from this very useful beginning what Clean Elicitation ( cleanlanguage is a functional sub-set of this ) really is and can be.

The work of Lakoff and Johnson in terms of Metaphor, and my background in software engineering, physics and math allowed me to apply what is necessarily and possibly possible to this field in terms of real and likely connection.

The result is Clean Therapy. This is a provocative, opportunistic and humanistic approach to change. This is a process oriented methodology to creating and engendering change with clients and yourself – At a very, very  specific level.

The basic variables involved are time, space and ‘logical’ categories.  The level of work involved can be defined as pseudo ‘real’ or ‘metaphorical’.  All problems are shuffled to a higher or metaphorical level where the usual conscious mind processes are quite literally disengaged.

This is another way of re-quoting Einstein’s famoused words that the thinking involved in problem formulation ‘will not necessarily’ be the thinking ( actions  ) involved in problem resolution.

This workshop in March 09 will demonstrate and deliver Solution Focused Clean Therapy interventions.

There are 12 places on this event and the price is £15.00. This is a three hour training from 6-9 pm on March 4th.

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