Motivation To Deeper Connect With Your Goals

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When you are aligning your own goals or helping your clients to connect with theirs, it is crucially important to have a somatic sense of connection that is really felt. This trance was recorded live. Newcastle Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy training.


You can download the audio here …

Arm Catalepsy Hypnosis Inductions – Nigel Hetherington

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Creating, fostering and utilising hypnotic phenomenon is a very real demonstration of the power to change in hypnosis. In this clip from weekend two of a five weekend Clinical Hypnotherapy training, Nigel demonstrates and utilises various forms of Arm Catalepsy with students.

Lots of language patterns, utilisation and paying attention to what is available.


Easy Hypnotic Language And NLP

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It is incredibly easy to construct and use hypnotic language. One of the first things I share with students on my Newcastle Hypnosis Training and Hypnosis Introduction courses is what is known as ‘hypnotic connectives’.

We are all already experts in using hypnosis because can talk. We already instinctively know how to form sentences and with one small piece of instruction in connecting words and sentences you can easily create compelling and powerful hypnotic commands and suggestions.

Here is a youtube clip from Nigel Hetherington demonstrating this simple yet powerful principle.