We are living, maybe just existing, in a world of perpetual change. Like standing on a melting ice berg or a very atrocious precipice where any kind of surety seems quite far away. The kind of attention you give changes both your experience and the experienced. Newcastle Hypnotherapy practice group for exploring complex ideas in a complex world – that’s you! Come join in! November the 9th.

We live as highly interdependent beings in a froth of complexity never quite deeply realising how much we depend, interdepend with each other, our ways of being and seeing our world and the deep and highly complex, our net, our web, of relationships really are. Very deep is the well of our past.

You can see lilies, you can see, and maybe smell their scent. How did they get here? In what way were those bulbs sown? Why have they got symmetrical leaves? What little bugs are collecting their pollen and what do they do with it? What camera took this photo and how does a photographer interdepend on a subject to photograph? Who is the you that is seeing this? Interdependence.

This November at the Newcastle Hypnotherapy practice group, I want to explore themes from Gregory Bateson ( instrumental in NLP’ rendition of Erickson’s hypnotherapy coding ), Drew Westen, Frank Luntz, Nora Bateson which all point to communication and relationships, seeing through your eyes and not with them and how – when we can – shift our lens, prism if you like, of what you can make of a shifting reality in multiple contexts all at once.

This is going to be an extemporaneous ( good word look it up 🙂 ) exploration into and through how we both describe our world with our tools of description and what we perceive. Please do come on in-to explore with Newcastle Hypnotherapy aka the Trance Cafe this coming November.

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

November 9th 7-9 pm

Entry Level : Open To All

Come join in from the comfort of your own home!

With zero travelling expenses

7-9pm ( likely will go on longer )

Participating you will receive a video and audio

recording of the evening which you can download

All this for only £10.00

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