After a delightful pause from June to this August the Trance Cafe returns from a one month pause. So immediately getting back to the themes of hypnosis of both the micro and macro, this August I want to explore and utilise the ( as per Erickson and Rossi ) those questions that both direct and focus awareness.

This form of both simple and complex question, directing and focusing awareness can be a gate-way into trance phenomena and with this the meaning making and analogous mapping of trance phenomena into the changing of habits or creating new options in behaviours and thoughts.

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So as you may be thinking what is both the point and what do these questions do in focusing awareness?  One of the terms in hypnosis is ‘Critical Factor’ which I have never as yet been a fan of. It really means so many things that in order to process that meaning one must consider: Relationship with both therapist and client. The desire or interest in change from both parties and some sort of highly cognitive thinking process that was believed to prevent hypnosis.

If you have read through that last paragraph then your ‘critical factors’ were engaged. I could ask you if this was because you were interested, if you thought you would resist all attempts at hypnosis or even if you were not aware of what your hands were doing as you read that information.

I will come back to a main theme in that if you chose to engage and in some sense have your attention and your awareness engaged in some activity where you choose to remain engaged this in experience dissolves the ‘critical factor’ myth. You may consider having a normal and good conversation with another person where you are genuinely interested and have your own thing so say an example of this. In other words a positive participation relationship.

So assuming we are all up for engaging and participating in an exploration, we can use the focusing and direction of attention questions in ways that are going to engender trance and absorption of experience in ways that can be very, very useful. Why? Simply because any engagement with another human being, a person, a friend, can open ( and find if required ) the doors to accessing our incredible wardrobe of perceptions and experiences that very simply dissolve the critical factor that didn’t exist in the first place.

So moving on from the questions that may focus awareness and direct interest, we will be moving rapidly to what to do with those questions in developing the possibility of trance phenomenon, and this is a real possibility, and then what on earth to do with that – this is the real skill in utilization and getting to here the door ways of possibility open wide.


Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

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Wednesday August 2nd

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