Sleigh of Mouth is one of a series of ‘linguistic’ reframing patterns well know in the field of NLP. The origins go back to Robert Dilts coding some of the reframing patterns used by Richard Bandler to help people change how they think and perceive. This month we will be exploring the Sleight of Mouth patterns and making sure we practice their application.

If you have completed an NLP Practitioner Newcastle or Master Practitioner training you will have already explored the concept of Model of The World ( MOW ). This to some great extent would be equivalent to our current beliefs, values and very much expectations created by our beliefs and values.

Sometimes our MOW or current perceptions can cause problems, lead to and re-enforce unhelping and stuck beliefs. Sleigh of Mouth offers ways you may be able to free up and extend beliefs for yourself and for others such as friends, family and clients.

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The Hungarian mathematician George Polya offered some six ways that ‘beliefs’ or Patterns of Plausible Inference could be formed. Many of the NLP greats have referred to Polya’s work for analogies and intervention patterns including Christina Hall, Doug O Brian and Trevor Silvester. Here is some excellent and free material on Polya patterns and their use from Trevor Silvester.

What we know as our beliefs may or may not have a basis in our direct experience, they may be here say or popular conviction. But no matter how our beliefs were formed they can both help us towards freedom or equally imprisonment. Sleigh of Mouth is one way of softening, loosening or changing beliefs.

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

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