Many though not all change workers will be familiar with the concept of psychological parts. We are not really made up of parts or competing ego identities but ‘parts work’ in NLP and hypnotherapy provides a particularly resonant and highly workable model through which to affect lasting and ecological change.

Parts work, though not by that name is present in practically all psychological change process. Parts work comes in many forms such as Freud’s id, ego and super-ego, Jung’s Archetypes of the individual and collective unconscious, Berne’s parent, adult and child and Erickson’s conscious and unconscious mind.

We will also be familiar with common every day phrases that are indicative of psychological parts in action. “The devil made me do it.”, “He sabotaged himself again.”, “It’s like a part of me stopped me doing it.”

This Decembers Trance Cafe will explore a particular aspect of hypnotic parts integrations based on process and techniques from Stephen Gilligans work in Generative Trance. Using our body to represent what can individually be described as two dystonic states, we aim to move rhythmically, in trance, between the two states.

We can represent the problem / solution space linguistically as “I want to do X but Y stops me.” And from this starting point our intention to a neuro-somatic solution in co-created resource space.


Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 24 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at
St Oswalds, Coleman Education Centre, Regent Avenue, Regent Centre, Gosforth. NE3 1EE

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 book online now!