If you are interested in attaining a recognised Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma in 2013 then continue reading to discover how you can become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Clinical Hypnotherapy training is in two parts. Firstly an NLP Practitioner training for the foundational skills and following on from this the second part of a Clinical Hypnotherapy training.

NLP Practitioner Training ( 18 days ) in Newcastle upon Tyne starts January 2013 and the Clinical Hypnotherapy component  ( 10 days ) begins in August 2013, completing in December 2013.

Twenty eight days training for under £1200 is for people who want to create and foster new and better opportunity in your life. Attendees will expand and increase your interpersonal and relationship skills as well as developing competent and competence in using hypnosis to help your clients make lasting changes.

You will learn how to use powerful therapeutic, self development and coaching tools in a participatory and stimulating environment. With this Newcastle NLP Practitioner training and Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Training, the accent is on experiential learning through doing and having fun while you learn.

NLP Practitioner Newcastle

Life changing, life giving. An amazing journey begun. Many many thanks.” – David Mills, father & film producer

Prometheus, the recent Ridely Scott film asks questions that penetrate deep into the soul of humanity and creation. Pointing back in time ans ask the where and what’s of creation and forwards in our time to how our civilisations might evolve. These deeper questions can evoke a search to discover a deeper meanings in our own life, now.

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This has been a real experience for me! In a good way! I’ve been on a journey with a wonderful group of people, some of whom I will remain friends with for life.” – Nia Haynes

studies with Nuns from The School Sisters of Notre Dame in Aging with Grace by David Snowdon shows how a mentally stimulating environment can help people to live longer, healthier and more meaningful lives. Statistically we are all more likely to live longer than our parents and with medical interventions, better diet and exercise we may live a lot longer. Part of living longer has something to do with having purpose and meaning in our lives. Learning how to use our minds more efficiently and with purpose actually increases the density and weight of our brains. Learning actually stimulates neuronal growth and development.

Get ready for a journey. This course is life changing. You learn so much. Before I joined this course I had worked in learning & development for 6 years and thought I had a full toolkit. How my mind has been opened & my toolkit increased.” – Neil Black, Learning & Development Manager

You may be considering joining NLP training for many reasons. Here are some very common ones that like minded people are considering :

  • You are considering upgrading your attitude and outlooks
  • You are thinking about moving into professional change work
  • You are a professional change worker and feel you want new skills
  • You are looking to find deeper meanings in your life
  • You want to improve communication skills
  • You want more control of your emotions and behaviours
  • You know it time to act now to make your future brighter

NLP Practitioner Training is easily accessible from the following locations shown below. NLP Practitioner in Newcastle upon Tyne, beginning January 2013. Complete Newcastle NLP Practitioner training course details and booking – click here.

By exploring and understanding, through practice, how our thoughts and emotions can strongly influence our health, our outlooks and our ability to cope or prosper, we learn how to change and take responsibility for our own life and wellbeing. Like anything worth learning, you do need to take time and practice to embody new skills. With 18 days over six months there is ample time to practice and more fully integrate your new skills into your personal repertoire.

My learning from the course has provided an invaluable opportunity for personal & professional development which has supported me through some major changes in my life.” – Jeanine Main, HR Consultant

18 days training : Friday-Sunday once per month :

Booking before January 2013 means
Exceptional value just £595 : 18 days training

Currently 22 15 places available

Watch Nigel Hetherington on YouTube : 100 plus videos


Easily accessed NLP development from the following UK locations :

NLP Practitioner Durham | NLP Practitioner Morpeth | NLP Practitioner Teesside | NLP Practitioner Edinburgh | NLP Practitioner Newcastle | NLP Practitioner Carlisle | NLP Practitioner Yorkshire

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This January 2013 NLP Practitioner experience is a comprehensive 18 day training in the North East, Newcastle upon Tyne. The exceptional price is £595 and has been for several years. A less than comparable only 7 day NLP Practitioner trainings in London can cost between 2-3 thousand pounds. Exceptional value and not only in money Newcastle NLP practitioner training.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Durham | Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Morpeth | Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Teesside | Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Edinburgh | Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Newcastle | Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Carlisle | Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Yorkshire

In August 2013 the Newcastle North East Clinical Hypnotherapy Training begins. 10 days over five months with the unbeatable value of £595. Limited places of only 18 per training.

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