This is for me one of the most important
Distinctions I have shared in my newsletters.

This is so powerful yet simple you may not initially
Fully appreciate the significance of this question.

This is a distinction and equally a ‘Meta Model’
Question that was created by one of my good
Friends and original NLP trainers. This is from
Mike Treasure, who is one of the currently unsung yet
Oceanically deep NLP developers and practitioners.

When Bandler and Grinder first began teaching
What is know as the first NLP model, The Meta Model
The story goes they taught it without any explicit
Use of rapport ( Rapport is said to have come from
The third NLP Model ) and the results were very interesting.

Friends and families fell out with each other. People got
Punched and kicked. Small kittens were scorned and it is
Said that some cried and created work for therapists.
Relationships were rocked to their foundations. Not just
Because of a lack of rapport but as well a lack of understanding
The purpose behind the Meta Model interventions …

The Meta Model of Bandler and Grinder is a linguistic tool
Kit. It is designed to uncover Deep Structure and at the
Same time force a re-evaluation of ‘unhelpful’ and ‘stuck’
States or thought process. It is an amazing tool, when
It is used well. It can also be a rapport killing problem creator.

I invite you to check your own experience of being
Meta Modelled by people. When applied without
Skill or purpose or rapport The Meta Model can
Become a very sharp scalpel making incisions and
Cuts where not are required, invited or needed.

The Meta Model and honest rapport not to
Mention compassion go hand in hand. But Please
Note I say compassion not empathy. No need to
Feel other peoples pain in order for you to help!

Now, having set the scene here is Mike Treasures
Excellent and Secret in the sense of only known
To a very few, Meta Model Question. Ask this of
Yourself BEFORE you go wielding the Meta scalpel.

“Can I say the same is true about me?”

This is a wonderful way to help people stop making
Unrefined incisions, Uncaring cuts and being a Slasher.

Asking yourself this before hand will really help you
With Rapport, Compassion and the Intention behind
Your Meta Modelling : Meta Meddling : Metal Mudding

Try this self reflexive Secret Meta Model Question and
Improve your 2nd and 3rd Position’s ( META ) too …